The best exciting smartest Way to Broadway!

Welcome to the Show!

This Way 2 Broadway is a fun, entertaining and educational journey to the heart of show business! Tune in and get to know our awesome group of kids! These kids are just like you and you are going to love watching them juggle their rigorous training schedules of voice, dance and acting, with their school, family and social commitments.

Let’s Cheer them on!

While Broadway is the grand prize they will also be auditioning for and ultimately booking jobs in a variety of mediums such as commercials, fashion shows, voice-overs, national ad campaigns and everything else the industry can dish up. It is going to be fun cheering them on and you can do it right here!

Our Top-Notch Coaches!

Leading the way to stardom is Thommie Retter, a premier performance coach from the theatre community in New York City! With dozens of his students gracing the stages of Broadway and national Broadway touring companies, Thommie will guide our cast along with help from our impressive line-up of theater and industry professionals to reach for and ultimately see their dreams come true! Check them all out here!

Let's go backstage

This Way to Broadway is a series produced by BROADVENTURE Productions LLC, founded by Thommie Retter, a top performance coach with extensive experience on stage as performer and choreographer, with Ilana Lipsztein and Linda Vertannes-Levy, both producers and entrepreneurs with successful entertainment and educational backgrounds. Behind the scenes also is our awesome Director, Anthony Giunta, a renowned Broadway conductor, Rick Hip-Flores and a sought-after musical composer, Brandon Jarret. Meet all our team here…